Message from Executive Director

The institute was founded to bridge the training gaps and promote competence standards necessary in serving the industry; this resonates well with our Mantra Bridge to Greatness.

Our commitment

We are committed to provide you high-quality vocational, professional Training and consultancy services for the intellectual uplift for all our clients/delegates, students/trainees and trainers for their personal and professional growth. We also believe that a changed heart can change the world and with that in mind, seek to inspire this generation with a sense of value and purpose.


Based on our positioning in the market, we have presence in Kenya and Zambia where we offer high quality, open programs, bespoke in-house training programs as well as consultancy services across the continent and beyond. Within the School of Management and Technical studies, we offer Certificate and Diploma programs in various professional areas such as Pension management, Certified Human resource Professional, KNEC, KASNEB and Cambridge international college courses. The institute is also accredited to offer short courses under the National industrial training authority (NITA) as well as Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) continuous professional development (CPD) trainings.

The Certified Pension Manager and Certificate of competency curricular is Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Authority and Curriculum Development and Certification Council (CDACC) approved – a move aimed at improving the quality and relevance of our training programmes.

I welcome you to come and partner with us for quality and world-class capacity building programs, our membership, and business improvement processes.

Taking cognizance of the health and safety dangers brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic, the institute has invested heavily in online virtual and online teaching and learning which combines in- person classes synchronized with interactive online instruction, thus ensuring quality teaching and compliance with health and safety measures.

Good governance and Management practices are necessary for the economic transformation and social development of a country. This is made possible through training fora for continuous knowledge sharing exchange of ideas on contemporary issues. Above all, participants need to continuously familiarize themselves with global best practices, standards, and ethics that demonstrate integrity, creativity, and innovative competitiveness. Thus, whether you are a young professional starting off on your career journey or experienced c-suite professional, these courses are relevant to you.

Kindly book your slot.

CHRP James Wanyama Executive Director