Every person, organization, living or non-living item, is exposed to risks which can result in losses.

Insurance seeks to minimise or eliminate the effects of risks on people and organizations, to act as a “transfer mechanism” whereby responsibility for losses from risks are transferred to insurers, and by which risks are “managed”. An insurance company is a “business”, and needs to be run well and profitably. This Program has wide-ranging application for individuals, business people, insurance practitioners; it deals with the background and development of modern insurance practice, and the principles on which it is based. It covers the main classes of insurance business, insurance company organisation, and much more.

This Program is also the approved Program of the Insurance Institute of East Africa

Course Outline Summary;

  • Module 1– Nature and Purpose of Insurance
  • Module 2 – Insurable Interest And Utmost Good Faith
  • Module 3 – Indemnity
  • Module 4 – Proximate Cause, Physical and Moral Hazard
  • Module 5 – Proposal Forms and Policies
  • Module 6 – Premiums, Renewals and Claims
  • Module 7 – Transportation Insurance
  • Module 8 – Property, Accident, Pecuniary and Liability Insurances
  • Module 9 – Insurances of the Person
  • Module 10 – The Insurance Market
  • Module 11 – Organisation & Management of Insurance Companies
  • Module 12 – Supervision and Regulation of Insurance

Entry Requirements:

  •     KCSE; C- Minus with acceptable bridging Certificate or Pre-university courses;
  •     Any other qualification from recognized Institutions

Fees (Kshs.)

Total Fee               =              Ksh.90,500


One (1) year

Study Mode

Distance Learning

Examining body

Cambridge International College – UK