Open, Distance & E-Learning (ODeL)

The Institute of Pension management (IPM) Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODEL) provides a platform for all faculties to deliver their programs using the Learning Management System to both On-campus and Off-campus students. The institute has also introduced e-learning resources for its full time students to access the reading content. Notes, course outlines and assignments can be uploaded and downloaded from anywhere. Students and lecturers can also interact using tools and hangout technologies like Chamillo LMS, Chats, Zoom and Google meet.

ODEL offers a variegated combination of teaching and learning methods within a continuum that includes face-to-face, blended, e-learning and online modes of delivery. Students are offered flexibility of choice and pace that enables each one to comfortably access and participate in their studies at their geographical location, from admission to lectures and beyond. 

Through Open Distance and E-Learning (ODEL) and a blended mode of study the institute aims at creating wider access to professional growth. This blended mode of study caters for professionals from all walks of life and students to study away from the traditional brick and mortar classrooms without interrupting their work and other important schedules.

 IPM recognizes that studying under ODEL mode of study requires self-sacrifice, hardwork and discipline. Faculty members are continuously encouraged to load all courses to the ODEL learning management system (LMS) for easier facilitation of teaching and learning.


  • Flexible – students work where and when they choose to fit in with jobs, families and other commitments
  • All-inclusive – students get all the high quality materials they need to study
  • Supportive – personal tutors provide academic expertise, guidance and feedback and run group tutorials; and specialist advisers are on hand to help with other aspects of IPM  study
  • Social – students get together through tutorials, online conferencing, study networks and course forums.